Terms of Sales

1- You have not booked your hotel

Our hotel staff welcomes you to the hotel:

1. You have not booked your hotel

We welcome you from Monday to Sunday from 07:00 to 11:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00 from April 1 to October 31.

Outside of these hours, you can also rent a room through the automatic reception by means of a bank card or American Express card only equipped with an electronic chip.

2- You want to book your hotel room

2.1 Guaranteed booking
Your booking is guaranteed as soon as you have pre-paid for yourstay ( by cheque or in cash ) directly with the hotel to which you gave your bank card details when booking yourstay ( unless the bank details provided are invalid ). Providing your bank card details to ensure your hotel booking does not pay for the nights booked, but authorises the hotel manager to debit your account with the amount of the first night of the stay booked in the event of a no-show if the hotel booking has not been cancelled.

You will be provided with a booking number in all cases of guaranteed bookings.

This booking number sent to you allows you to arrive at the hotel when ever you wish.

If you arrive earlier or laterthan the reception times mentioned, you enter your number in the automatic check-in machine, which gives you a ticket ( if necessary afte rpaying for you stay ) that specifies your room number and access code.

2.2 Simple booking
The bookingis simple when you book without providing your bank card details :

- In this case, the booking number you were given by the hotel manager enables you to obtain a room outside of the reception time mentioned, via the automatic room distributor or being welcomed by hotel staff up to 6pm on the first day of your stay After 6pm, your room is automatically considered free and may be sold to another guest.

2.3 Booking of event-based and/or promotional offers
Theseoffers, only available on the website or on the websites and mobile services of commercial partners, are rate information for which no accumulation, no cancellation, no modification and no reimbursementis possible ( including the rooms and anyadditional services ).

Unless otherwise indicated in the special conditions of the offer, online prepayment for the entirestay and additional services isrequired to confirm this booking.

For any promotion al offer reserved since a mobile device, the payment will be made on arrival in the hotel.

3- Booking procedureonourwebsite or on mobile services

The booking procedureis as follows:

1: search and select the room and a rate,

2: possibly select additional services such as breakfast, unless the additional service is included in the rate mentioned in Step 1

3: check the details of the booking, its total price, applicable sales conditions and possible adjustments to the choice ( room, rate, additional service ), then enter the contact details of your customers,

4: enter the details of your bank card, consult and accept the general conditions of sale, the sales conditions of the booked rate and confirm the booking,

5: Our Hotel acknowledges receipt of the booking by immediately sending an email summarising the contract offer, the booked additional services, the rates, the sales conditions related to the selected rate, accepted by the customer, the booking date made, the Customer Service information, as well as the address of the hotel to which the customer cansendany complaints.

4- You want to cancel or change yourbooking

Remember that as these are accommodation services in line with article L 121-21-8-12° of the French Consumer Code, you do not have the right of withdrawal set out in article L 121-21 of the French Consumer Code.

Simple and guaranteed bookings can be cancelled before 6 pm on the expectedday of your arrival.

In the event of cancellation, you must directly warn the relevant hotel as rapidly as possible.

A cancellation number will be sent to you.
It will confirm that your cancellation has been noted.
Event-based and/or promotion al offers can not be modified, cancelled or reimbursed ( whether it is for the amount of the stay or for additional services ). In this case, mention is made in the special conditions of the offer.

For any extension to the stay, you must speak with hotel staff before 11 am to obtain information on availability. If this extension is possible, you must immediately pay for your room so that the hotel manager can give you a new access code. For any interruption in yourstay, you must inform the hotel before 11am so that the interruption to your stay can be taken into account. Within the context of a simple or guaranteed booking, the rate of the cancelled part of the stay will be reimbursed through a cheque corresponding to this amount. No reimbursement will thus be made as part of a booking for an event-based and/or promotion al offer.

5- No-show

n the event of a no-show, any guaranteed booking:

• Made by supplying your bank details and not cancelled before 6pm, will automatically be invoiced and the price of the first night debited as fixed compensation. The remainder of the staywillbe cancelled.

• Made by prepayment with the hotel and not cancelled before 6pm, will give rise at your request to the reimbursement of the total stay, minus the price of the first night.

6- Price

The prices are indicated before and during the booking of the rooms. They are understood to mean per room for the number of people and the selected date.

The prices are confirmed to the customer in an amountincluding taxes in Euros and are onlyvalid for the periodstated on the site.

Unless otherwise specified, the additional services ( breakfast, car parks, etc. are not included in the price. The touristtax, shown in step 3, must bepaid to the hotel directly on-site apart from a booking for an event-based and/or promotionaloffer, wherethisamountis included. It isspecified that, depending on the cities or country, some taxes maybe added on to the rates. The prices account for the VAT applicable on the day of booking and any change in the applicable rate of the VAT will be passed on automatically to the pricesindicated at the invoicing date. Any modification or introduction of new legal or regulatory taxes imposed by the competent authorities will be passed on automatically to the prices indicated at the invoicing date.

7- Payment

The online paymentis made by bank card ( Visa, Mastercard, American Express, creditcard ) via a secure payment system. You will be asked for your bank card number, the cryptogram on the back of the card and its expiry date. Any irregular, ineffective, incomplete or fraudulent payment for a reason applicable to the customerwill cancel the booking at the costs of the customer, without prejudice to any civil or penal proceeding sagainst them.

When the booking is confirmed and the online payment made, you will receive a detailed confirmation and a receipt of payment for yourstay at the email address that you have provided. The confirmation is deemed to represent the agreement of the parties. When you arrive at the hotel, you will be given a summary invoice for the total amount of the stay, including the additional tourist tax due, if necessary.

Visa Electron and Maestro cards are not accepted as guarantees for the booking but can be used to pay once at the hotel. Payment by "e-carte bleue" is not available when booking and paying for yourstay.

At the automatic reception booth, only bank cards with an electronic chip allow you to pay for yourstay. If your bank card only has a magnetic strip, you must arrive at the hotel during reception opening hours to pay for yourstay or use another means of payment. An invalid bank card will automatically cancel the booking.

Unless otherwise specified, for any promotional and event-based offer made via the hotel mobile services, payment must be made directly to the hotel when you arrive.

8- Complaints

For a stay in France, any complaint must be sent by using our contact form.

Any dispute must, to be taken into account, be sent by email via our contact form within a period of eight days from your departure from the hotel under penalty of loss of rights. In the event of a dispute, the data kept in our information systems has probative force.

You must, furthermore, have taken the care during your stay to report any disagreement so as to limitany prejudice.

9- Liability

The photographs and information shown on the website are not contractual.

The Hotel cannot beheld liable for the non-performance or poor performance of the booking due to force majeure, due to a third party, due to the customer, due to the failure of the Internet network or due to a payment refusal for the bankcard by the holder's bank.

10- Settlement of disputes

Without prejudice to the applicable rules of procedure, in accordance with article L. 152-1 of the French Consumer Code, The hotel offers the customer effective and free recourse to a consumer mediation scheme by being a member of the sector-basedmediation system, MTV - MEDIATION TOURISME ET VOYAGE ( French Tourism and Travel Mediator organisation ).

After informing the HOTELS and not receiving a satis factory response with in a period of two months, the customer can call upon the Médiateur du Tourisme et du Voyage, whose contact details and consultation arrangements are available on its website: www.mtv.travel

11- Stay at the hotel

Unless expressly specified otherwise, room rentals go from noon on the first day of the booking to noon on the last day of the booking. .

Animals are accepted for a surcharge. The animal's owner shall be held directly liable for any deterioration or damage caused by the animal.

Depending on the applicable laws, you may be requested to fill in a police form when you arrive at the hotel. To do this, you must present a form of identification to check whether or not you are required to fill out the police form.

The customer agrees and under takes to use the room in a reasonable manner in line with its purpose. Hence, any be haviour contrary to normal behaviour and to public order will lead to the hotel management asking you to leave the hotel without any compensation or any reimbursement if a payment has already been made.

The hotels provide free WIFI access. The customer agrees not to use his or her computer resources to reproduce, represent, make available or disclose to the public any goods protected by copyright or a similar right without authorisation from the holders of these rights or in breach of their rights.

12- Alternate accommodation and force majeure

If the booked hotel is unavailable or in the event of force majeure, the hotel reserves the possibility of fully or partially accommodating the customer in a hotel of equivalent category for services of the same kind. Any extra cost of the room and transport between the two hotels shall be borne by the hotel initially booked.

The HOTEL will not be liable in the event of non-performance of its obligations resulting from an occurrence of force majeure. Cases of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances are deemed to be the ones normally recognised by French case law and French Courts of Law

14- Privacy

Refer to the legal information of the website and mobile services.

15- Applicable law

15- Applicable law
These general conditions are governed by French law subject to a mandatory protective provision.

These conditions of sale are applicable from 01/01/2017, for up to 10 rooms booked and can be modified without any prior notification.

Bookings of more than 10 rooms are subject to a group contract.


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