The hotel is located on Via Turonensis, passing through Paris to Bordeaux. The pilgrims from Flanders, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and the Champagne, the Belgians and the Germans take this path. It’s cited in medieval’s tales of pilgrims as « great way to Saint-Jacques. » It represent a certain historical reality and allows to walk in a temperate climate.

Marqueze ecomuseum in the natural regional park of gascogne moors is situated on « route de Solferino 40630 Sabres (Landes/Moors) »

Phone : 05 58 08 31 31 – Fax : 05 58 07 56 85
At the heart of the Natural Regional Park of gascogne moors, a protected site welcomes you. The museum traces the life of the inhabitants of the great moor in the nineteenth century. At the Sabres’s station, a train whose cars are classified historical monuments takes you to this area.